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Eduardo Akhramovych

General Producer

We are very urbanized, we live in a modern fast world, we are surrounded by various technologies, and we use high-tech gadgets. But we still have Soviet education. My daughter goes to school, and I see how the education system is far from the modern. My daughter uses textbooks that look like postcolonial. Due to evaluation of Brands and distribution licenses worldwide I want to prove that we are modern, implement various technologies and engage wide range of Target Audience – children, adults, parents,  fashionable schoolgirls and IT managers, top managers and business owners.

I have been an expert in content and marketing business for about 30 years. Being an animation producer, including in portfolio over 50 animated episodes, full-length and short animation, I thought, why don’t we combine animation with reading? Using a popular internet meme Goose firstly we made comics from it, and then animations. Because reading is a very slow kind of content, originating from the past generations. Now on trend is video content.


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Metro station in honor of the great Ukrainian artist
Metro station in honor of the great Ukrainian artist

Mariya Prymachenko’s great-granddaughter proposes to rename Druzhby Narodiv metro station in honor of the great Ukrainian artist. The corresponding petition is stated on the website of the Kyiv City Council

Ukraine "supplies" happiness to Italy

Stationery products with the visualization of the Ukrainian brand GAPCHINSKA are being released on the Italian market.

Three Ukrainian cartoons in China
Three Ukrainian cartoons in China

Ukrainian company The Art Nation Group, produced by Eduardo Akhramovyich signed an agreement with the Chinese digital content distributor Jetsen Huashi Wangju Cultural Media Co. Ltd. (HUASHI.TV) regarding the rights to broadcast three Ukrainian animation miniseries.

Goose in the subway: now it is an animation
Goose in the subway: now it is an animation

The Kyiv Metro launched a new system for informing passengers through large screens of monitors, on which the main character will be the Internet-meme Goose.

Our team has practical experience in creating and promoting products from idea to technology, from offer to implementation, from product development to its licensing. We make the future to be more interesting!

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