Eduardo Akhramovych

General Producer

We are very urbanized, we live in a modern fast world, we are surrounded by various technologies, and we use high-tech gadgets. But we still have Soviet education. My daughter goes to school, and I see how the education system is far from the modern. My daughter uses textbooks that look like postcolonial. Due to evaluation of Brands and distribution licenses worldwide I want to prove that we are modern, implement various technologies and engage wide range of Target Audience – children, adults, parents,  fashionable schoolgirls and IT managers, top managers and business owners.

I have been an expert in content and marketing business for about 30 years. Being an animation producer, including in portfolio over 50 animated episodes, full-length and short animation, I thought, why don’t we combine animation with reading? Using a popular internet meme Goose firstly we made comics from it, and then animations. Because reading is a very slow kind of content, originating from the past generations. Now on trend is video content.


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