Alice's new record in retailing

Новый рекорд


The second stage of the loyalty campaign Fairy tale reality in Euroopt was successfully completed in the largest Belarusian supermarket chain Euroopt, Brusnichka stores, as well as in online hypermarkets E-delivery and HyperMoll. From December 10 to January 6 there were sold a record number of books about Alice 360 000 copies. During one month, Lewis Carroll's popular fairy tales became best sellers again.

After the pilot launch of the loyalty campaign in summer 2018, we predicted the high involvement of the consumers and the record number of sales of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in Euroopt. 38 hypermarkets took part in this campaign. Despite the low traffic of customers, which is normal for hypermarkets, and the dead summer sales season, the initial circulation of 122 000 books was not enough to meet the demand. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland with AR attracted customers to the loyalty campaign. The first wave of sales needed extra circulation. Altogether were sold 137 050 books.

After the success of the first launch, we decided to include two books in the second round of loyalty campaign in Euroopt for all 760 stores in the most profitable period — the New Year's slot. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There with AR reached a new record — 360 000 copies. In total, according to the results of two waves of loyalty campaign, 497 000 books were sold in the Euroopt supermarket chain. For comparison, according to the National Book Chamber of Belarus, the average circulation of one book in the country does not exceed 2 500 copies. The market convinced that augmented reality and gamification attract consumers and increase sales.

What is the secret of this success? First, AR-book meets the actual needs of the customer. Children and parents can spend time reading and playing together, the kid no longer needs to be forced to read. Second, gamification creates a viral effect. People actively read the AR-book with their relatives, friends, and colleagues and shared their impressions through photos and videos in their social networks. It means that the product became not only interesting but also desirable.

Illustrations to the new Alice were painted by well-known painter Eugenia Gapchynska. The application with AR was developed by Live Animation. It is not our first successful case of AR-books sales under the loyalty campaign. Previously, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland achieved record sales in the Ukrainian supermarket chain ATB-market.


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