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In April 2019 new names appeared in the marketing and creative market: Art Nation Agency, Art Nation Loyalty, Art Nation Studio. Together with the new player in the book industry, Art Nation Publishing, they became a part of the Art Nation company that produces content and after the restructuring, expands its scope.

Now Art Nation is the international companiy that specializes in effective marketing solutions and stays a leader in brand licensing, animation production, AR-content, and loyalty campaigns. The general producer of the Art Nation group is Eduardo Akhramovych.

"I have been working in the field of content for about 30 years, and in production — 20. Over the years, as a producer, I have been developing several businesses, creating blockbuster products, changing the rules on the market and setting up new ones with my team. In 2019 I decided to unite under one brand — Art Nation — all the divisions that are under my production management. This union makes stronger our position. In synergy, we create more effective marketing tools and solutions for our clients, helping them impress their customers. This is our common mission that is reflected in our slogan: “Impressing your customers", — says general producer Eduardo Akhramovych.

Each division has its own history. Art Nation Agency and Art Nation Loyalty originated from the UDC Agency that was a leader in brand licensing in Ukraine since 2011. After rebranding, the UDC Agency became Art Nation Agency.

Now the company manages the licensing rights of its own developed brands and presents in Ukraine international brands.

There are such brands in our portfolio:

And as the licensing agency, Art Nation Agency represents in Ukraine the following international brands: emoji, Pets Rock, 44 Cats, Masha and the Bear, BEYBLADE BURST.

Art Nation Loyalty is a logical extension of one of the directions of the UDC Agency. The division creates loyalty campaigns for the retailers. Combining unique product, technology, game mechanics, Art Nation Loyalty creates special moments for the customers and extra profit for the retailers. The team declared itself with the help of blockbuster product for loyalty campaign for the ATB-market and Euroopt. This product was a book with augmented reality (AR).

Art Nation Publishing is the biggest publisher of AR-books in Ukraine. This young team works in the publishing market since 2017, but already has a great achievement — the first place in the Rating of Ukrainian Publishing Houses in the category The largest edition of one title. In 2018 Art Nation Publishing presented 640 000 of AR-books Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There and the total edition of two books (Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There) was 1 241 050 copies. All books are with augmented reality (AR).

With the rapid development of technology, Art Nation wants to set the trends instead of following them. That's why the team that develops AR and creative content become a separated company — Art Nation Studio.

Thus, Art Nation provides creative and emotional content by 360°, integrating it into a wide range of marketing services: product licenses, loyalty campaigns, private labels, promotional campaigns, etc.


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