Goose got a Visa credit card

Gus Visa


On April 1, 2019, our brand Goose in the cooperation with VISA has released 20 training posters that can help to raise financial literacy and solve issues of cashless payments. At the time when payment by card or smartphone has become a regular thing, many people still reject to use it, thinking that it is unreliable. Popular internet meme Goose, a favorite hero of the Facebook community, decided to dispel the myths that still exist in heads of many bank card users. By his own example, he demonstrates and explains in the edutainmnetway (education + entertainment) how to make online payments, what to do if you lost your card and how to simplify your life with the help of the smartphone, etc. Witty pictures and fun slang of Goose add easiness to the serious messages and become more understandable for the wide audience.

Goose, like any modern Ukrainian, does not stand aside from progress in the financial sector. He actively uses cashless payments and dispels the myths about them. For 10 years, the Visa has invested into innovations to make payment more comfortable, fast and at the same time safe. And now it is important to inform users about the financial security rules. And Goose did it.

It is not the first time when Goose helps people to understand the complex rules. Last year there was a successful collaboration with the Kyiv Metro, where Goose in an ironic way reminded the passengers how to use the subway. For this campaign he received bronze in ADC*UA Awards Promotion: New Media and prize in the special category MMR:Co-Creativity of the Year X-Ray Marketing Awards.

Visa and Goose are planning to make animated movies on financial literacy, so watch out, it will be interesting! And be progressive, like our Goose, get rid of unnecessary pieces of paper!


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