The Kyiv Metro launched a new system for informing passengers through large screens of monitors, on which the main character will be the Internet-meme Goose.

Already since September 6th in 27 trains of the red branch of the Kyiv Metro on 4 new large monitors in each car animated rules of passenger handling in the subway are being displayed. For example, "respect people - remove the backpack," "take care of your head, not of social networks" or "love the whole world and the shower in the morning." The rules look like animated concepts, which shows a small story with a final rule conclusion. Totally there are 9 rules, 9 mini cartoons (currently 3 are running, and then each week will go on a new one). The rules for 15-40 seconds visualize the character named "Goose", the facebook phenomenon and the brand of The Art Nation Group, produced by Eduardo Akhramovych. According to Mr. Eduardo’s words, "The Goose is a funny and up-to-date character, he says in the modern language of the urbanist, and says that we are clinging daily. So it is not surprising that he as a character of Internet comic books is fashionable among the IT community, drivers of Ukraine's progress. Being engaged in brand production for many years, I realized that Goose has the potential of a modern fast world in which we are surrounded by gadgets. But apart from the fact that the Goose at the present level gives the necessary advice to passengers it generates positive emotions both in its appearance and in its jokes. Smiling in the subway is sometimes what we are missing».

Kyiv Metro decided to upgrade the monitors, which were placed in the most railway cars. In total, 2400 new monitors will be installed. So far, they are engaged in the modernization of one of the three lines, red one. And if about 1.5 million people use the underground in Kyiv during the day, half a million passengers will see the animation from Goose every day. Thus, it becomes the most productive producer's decision in the history of Ukrainian animation in terms of views.

The Goose, a character, appeared on May 14, 2016, was a dream of his author, artist, illustrator, and designer Nadiozhna (pseudonym Nadiya Kushnir). In the autumn of the same year, Goose went to the space of the social network "Facebook". And in a year, his productions took up a group of companies Art Nation. For December, it is planned to release a 3-4 minute short animated film, and next year a true multi-serial will appear.

The Art Nation Group is dedicated to content creation and licensing. Today it cares about 8 brands, including Eugenia Gapchinska (GAPCHINSKA brand) and Maria Prymachenko (Prima Maria brand), cartoons “Adventures of Captain Vrungel” and “Treasure Island” and others.


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