Stationery products with the visualization of the Ukrainian brand GAPCHINSKA are being released on the Italian market.

2 years of negotiations with  Italian partners Cartiere Paolo Pigna s.p.a. were finalized with contract of presentation GAPCHINSKA brand on  the European fashion leading market.

Now variety of backpacks, notebooks, pads, pencils, pencil cases and boxes – everything that is required for the selected category " Elementary School Girls " with GAPCHINSKA brand is present on the market. Italians like the main message of the brand – "The supplier of happiness number 1" and its values , such as happiness, kindness, love, tenderness, dreams, care. The brand is relevant for romantic women with good taste, as well as for parents with daughters, who want to bring joy and all the positive emotions to their households.

Producer Eduardo Akhramovych comments: "This is a real breakthrough for the Ukrainian brand as local brand has been never before on export market with such a big assortment in the history of Ukraine . The leader in the Italian market and one of the flagships of Europe, Pigna company believed in the brand, that proves its huge potential, including the possibility of export of Ukrainian culture worldwide."

Pigna products are being distributed in Italy's largest supermarket chains – Coop Italia and Esselunga (each network's annual revenue exceeds 13 billion Euros). This is the new level of distribution of the GAPCHINSKA brand, which spreads its popularity among wide range of potential buyers, thus expanding the target audience beyond its core of female audience of 20-45 years.

Olena Vasylenko, the licensing director of Art Nation adds: "Pigna has been working in the field of paper and cardboard production for over 180 years and deserves its on of the main places on the European market. That is why we are sure in the successful cooperation with the partner and his ability to represent the Universe of positive emotions of GAPCHINSKA brand to the wide audience."

The story of Cartiere Paolo Pigna s.p.a. dates back to the end of the 17th century, when the paper factory Stefanini worked in the province of Lombardy. The company was born in 1839 in Milan, and later moved to Bergamo, where it currently has a principal office. The motto of the company is "quality since 1870," that is confirmation of Pigna's leadership in the paper industry nowadays. During the 20th century the company was engaged in the production of stationery and books, magazines, leaflets, cards and traffic rules (and even a photo of the famous Ukrainian athlete Sergey Bubka was printed in their sport calendar in the 80's).


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